Mendocino Cannabis Policy council

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Cannabis Water Report


There has been a lot said in the local media about Cannabis and its relationship with water use.  Many in our community complain about illegal grows siphoning off valuable water resources.  MCPC advocates for responsible water usage and appropriate regulation of the industry as prohibitions against cannabis cultivation are lifted on the state and local level.  Please take the time to read this report which compares water usage in the cannabis industry with other common agricultural products.  The results might surprise you!


Water report PDF


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MCPC Evolution

I just wanted to update you all on the status of MCPC since last summer.   While our signature gathering campaign was a great success and we want to thank the many of you who helped support it, our effort was too late for the 2015 ballot.  While there is much discussion of a potential initiative in 2016, the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council, has been working with the Small Farmers Association as well as the California Growers Association attempting to draft an ordinance representing the needs of the cannabis community in Mendocino County.  It is our hope that Mendocino can evolve in accordance with recent changes to state law regarding the cannabis industry, creating a permitting schedule overseeing cultivation, transportation and distribution.  More information will be forthcoming.