Mendocino Cannabis Policy council

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Cannabis Water Report


There has been a lot said in the local media about Cannabis and its relationship with water use.  Many in our community complain about illegal grows siphoning off valuable water resources.  MCPC advocates for responsible water usage and appropriate regulation of the industry as prohibitions against cannabis cultivation are lifted on the state and local level.  Please take the time to read this report which compares water usage in the cannabis industry with other common agricultural products.  The results might surprise you!


Water report PDF


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MCPC Evolution

I just wanted to update you all on the status of MCPC since last summer.   While our signature gathering campaign was a great success and we want to thank the many of you who helped support it, our effort was too late for the 2015 ballot.  While there is much discussion of a potential initiative in 2016, the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council, has been working with the Small Farmers Association as well as the California Growers Association attempting to draft an ordinance representing the needs of the cannabis community in Mendocino County.  It is our hope that Mendocino can evolve in accordance with recent changes to state law regarding the cannabis industry, creating a permitting schedule overseeing cultivation, transportation and distribution.  More information will be forthcoming.

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Signature Gathering

Join the Effort to Create a Sane and Sensible Cannabis Policy in Mendocino County AND GET PAID FOR IT!

We are gathering signatures NOW!

Contact 707.937.2382 to sign up or learn more

Earn $1 per signature by gathering support on a ballot initiative for this November’s election.

Let’s create the opportunity to vote to create a Mendocino Cannabis Commission.

Go to Talking Points to read more or to Initiative to read it in its entirety.

We must gather 7,500 signatures by June 14th!!

If you can help please call 937-2382 to sign up and obtain petitions.


The Chief BBQ in Laytonville

The Headroom, Willits

Compassionate Heart, Ukiah

Lovin it, Mendocino

Leonard Moore Cooperative, Mendocino

Dragonfly Wellness Center, Fort Bragg

Westport General Store, Westport

New Leaf Smoke Shop, Ukiah

Uptown Mercantile, Covelo

Friday Farmers Market, Covelo

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Circle of Support

An Invitation to Help Make History!

Become a Sponsor of the Mendocino Cannabis Commission Initiative 2015

Calling all Small Farmers, Businesses, Non-Profits, Health Care Providers, Cannabis Patients, and Civi-Minded Member of our Community

Become a Sponsor

$100 Donor

$500 Sustaining Member

$1,000 Lifetime achievement Sponsor

Make checks payable to: MAPC (Mendocino Agriculture Policy Council)

Mail: P.O. Box 120 Laytonville, CA 95454

For more info please call 707-937-2382

PayPal info to come.

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Talking Points for Mendocino Cannabis Commission 2015

1.       This Initiative would establish a 13 member commission to advise the Board of Supervisors on new policies to regulate and tax cannabis.

2.       Recommends that the Commission consist of 13 members made up of small farmers, patients, health care providers, business owners, realtors, regulatory agencies such as the Water Board, non-profits and other sectors interested in supporting a well-regulated and thriving cannabis industry.

3.       This initiative creates a voter-mandated community-based Cannabis Commission to oversee county regulatory policy governing small cannabis farms, based on a tier system of income/geographical location/water use/etc.

4.       Includes exemptions for family gardens growing for home use, not for sale.
Includes respect for the environment; protection of the ecosystem.

5.       Make sure Mendocino County’s interests are represented in the new statewide medical regulations of 2015 and the anticipated adult-use legalization of cannabis in 2016.

6.       Establishes system of appellations honoring treasured local strains, unique to Mendocino County and the Emerald Triangle.

7.       Place cannabis under the authority of the Dept. of Agriculture and take it out of the “nuisance category” in which it is under the purview of law enforcement.

8.       Create categories within cannabis cultivation that distinguishes between artisanal, craft strains grown by local farmers for commercial benefit to our whole community, to small farmers to family gardens that provide cannabis for personal use and are exempt from the tax and regulate structure.

9.       Advise and work with the Board of Supervisors to create tax and fee structures that are fair to every participant in the new, legal cannabis industry and that provide exemptions for not-for-sale family gardens and home use.  This is transitional toward a modest form of legalization for many families to ease them into a regulatory system following prohibition that allows them to grow small amounts of home grown for annual home use similar to the annual exemption for home brew–100 gal. per person per year.

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It’s Time!!! Arise and stand together!

Many of you have asked when we need to travel to Ukiah to pack the Board of Supervisors meeting……well…IT IS TIME!!
This Tuesday, 9am.
If you want to sign one of the “plant increase” letters, you can find them at the Chief and Weathertop…there are people signing this letter from all over the county…Potter Valley, Anderson Valley, Leggett, Laytonville, Redwood Valley, Willits, Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Comptche, (anyone from Covelo ?)…..we have a goal of at least 500 signed letters by Friday, but we can bring more to the meeting Tuesday. This letter has the backing of the Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council, the Emerald Growers Association, and the Small Farmers Association.
If you are not comfortable putting your name on the letter, but you are able to show up at the BOS meeting Tuesday morning, that will be fantastic…there will be a comment period that allows the citizens to address the board.
Spring has  sprung and it is the time for action.

Power is inherent in the People
Much Love,